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Aso volcanic eruption

INAKAdventure is now a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

INAKAdventure has joined ATTA’s global network, a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to practicing and promoting sustainable adventure travel worldwide.

While overseas travel into a foreign country may well mean a sort of sociocultural adventure for international travelers, here Adventure Travel is defined by the ATTA as follows:

“Adventure travel describes trips that provide experiences (both mental and physical) to places which are novel or unique to the traveler, emphasize the natural environment, and provide challenge through experiences of culture, activities that promote physical health, and excitement/fun.”

Also, there is a similar term in tourism, Adventure Tourism, and UNWTO (UN World Tourism Organization) defines it as follows:

“Adventure tourism is a type of tourism which usually takes place in destinations with specific geographic features and landscape and tends to be associated with a physical activity, cultural exchange, interaction and engagement with nature. This experience may involve some kind of real or perceived risk and may require significant physical and/or mental effort.”

INAKAdventure treats you to the joys of Fudo, a natural environment that is embodied in a local lifestyle and cultural landscape that show local colors. With characteristics that vary from area to area, Fudo not only refers to the climate, it also includes geographical formations, the sea and rivers, soil, flora, and even historical buildings and structures, etc. The quintessence of Fudo is found in INAKA, the countryside, and INAKAdventure will take you into INAKA of Q-shu (Kyushu), an island with a rich diversity of Fudo, which is located on the southwestern edge of the Japanese archipelago.

Fudo tour, which INAKAdventure offers, is a tour to experience and enjoy the local color (individuality of the area) combining (1) nature, especially activities performed in nature, (2) culture, and (3) food.
This is consistent with adventure travel and tourism.

In the case of Japan, the main characteristic is that there is a diverse natural environment in a small area and a diverse local culture rooted in that nature, in other words, there is a diverse Fudo. This is also true for Q-shu (Kyushu), a region of Japan.

With learning and inspiration from being a part of the ATTA community, we aim to bring your Fudo adventure experience to a higher level.

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