Mount Aso Volcano Facts-Live crater of Kyushu, Japan

Mount Aso volcano

Mount Aso, known as the “Aso Geopark,” where you can experience the history of massive volcanic eruptions and explore a live crater.

Discover the majestic Mt. Aso volcano with its breathtaking location, historical eruptions, fascinating museum, and thrilling trail routes.

Mt. Aso Volcano Location

Mount Aso is located on the island of Kyushu, Japan. The crater is situated on the border of Kumamoto Prefecture and Oita Prefecture. Specifically, it is located between Aso City in Kumamoto Prefecture and Takeda City in Oita Prefecture.

Mt. Aso Volcano Eruption

Here is a summary of the history of crater formation in Mount Aso.

Mount Aso, located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, is known for its large caldera called the Aso Caldera. It was formed approximately 70,000 years ago by a massive volcanic eruption.

Mount Aso has been an active volcano throughout its history, with periodic eruptions. The most recent eruption recorded in October 2021.

The Aso Caldera is one of the largest calderas in the world, with a circumference of around 71 miles (114 kilometers).

The central crater group within the Aso Caldera was formed after the caldera’s initial formation. It is characterized by five peaks known as the “Five Mountains of Aso” (Mount Neko, Mount Taka, Mount Naka, Mount Eboshi, and Mount Kishima).

Mt. Aso Volcano Museum

The Aso Volcano Museum, located in Kusasenri, near the Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, is a museum that provides knowledge and insights about the volcanoes of Aso.

It is a fascinating experience for those interested in learning about volcanoes.

The museum showcases exhibits, display panels, and models that offer detailed explanations about the formation, geology, and history of the Aso volcanoes and caldera.

Visitors can observe real-time volcanic activity through video cameras inside the museum, particularly focusing on the Nakadake crater, one of the main volcanic vents of Mount Aso.

One of the highlights of the museum is a kinetic model that presents the 30,000 years of Aso’s volcanic history, showcasing its formation to its current state.

Near the museum, there are also tourist information centers and observation decks where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Aso region.

Mt. Aso Volcano Trail

While the trail tour allows you to witness the crater of Mount Aso, it’s important to be aware that there are restrictions when the volcano is more active, preventing visitors from approaching the crater observation deck.

Many customers may feel disappointed by not being able to see the crater up close. However, during these restricted periods, it is for everyone’s safety.


Despite not being able to see the crater, you can experience the awe-inspiring sight of Mount Aso emitting billowing smoke accompanied by rumblings. So, this also offers a unique and captivating experience.

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