Exploring Mizukami Village in Kumamoto

Mt. Ichihusa

Nestled deep in the heart of Kuma area in Southern Kumamoto, known as Oku-Kuma, Mizukami Village offers a serene retreat for nature lovers. Here are some highlights of this hidden gem.

Where is Mizukami?

Mizukami Village is situated in the Kumamoto Prefecture, with Shiiba Village on the other side of the mountains in Miyazaki Prefecture. The village is home to the source of the Kuma River, one of Japan’s three major rapids.

Mizukami Village is the only village in Kumamoto Prefecture registered as a “Forest Therapy Base”, known for being surrounded by forests where one can fully enjoy the benefits of forest bathing.

Information of Mizukami Village

Staying in Mizukami Village in Kumamoto Prefecture is recommended by INAKAdventure for many reasons.

Hot Spring

Unwind at Yuyama Onsen, a rejuvenating hot spring experience in the village.

Yuyama Onsen, where ryokans and guesthouses line up at the foot of Mt. Ichifusa, used to prosper as a hot spring resort. The spring quality is alkaline simple sulfur spring, leaving the skin smooth after bathing. The village public bath “Motoyu” has a rich source flowing at 250 liters per minute.


Indulge in local delicacies featuring game meats like deer and wild boar, along with seasonal mountain herbs. Local specialties such as minced version, deer sausage, hamburger steak, wild-boar stew are dishes that you should try once.

Shochu (Alcoholic beverages)

Don’t miss trying Kuma Shochu, a traditional distilled spirit produced by various local distilleries.

Kuma Shochu is a rice shochu produced in the Kuma area of Kumamoto Prefecture and Hitoyoshi City, known as one of Japan’s leading brands of rice shochu. It is said to be the oldest rice shochu in Japan, with a history dating back approximately 500 years. We highly recommend savoring the shochu produced by the oldest distillery of Kuma Shochu.

Sightseeing & Outdoor Activities

In spring, the cherry blossoms at Asenohara Shin-Sui Park are exceptionally beautiful, attracting many tourists from both domestic and international locations.

From spring to summer, visitors can leisurely enjoy fishing for Yamame (Cherry salmon) in the mountain streams of Mizukami Village, as well as relaxing canoeing and boating experience on the Ichifusa Lake.

Explore the suspension bridges, including the majestic Hakuryuhi Bridge and Hakuryuo Bridge. For a spiritual journey, hike along the trail to Ichifusa Shrine on the slopes of Mt. Ichifusa.

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Consider staying at the serene Ichifusa Kanko Hotel, known for its seasonal menus meticulously prepared and presented like an art form. The hotel boasts its own hot spring source.

Visitors can enjoy nature around the hotel through activities such as forest walking, fishing, mountain climbing, and river play.

For a more adventurous stay, look out for the upcoming reopening of outside BASE Mizukami, formerly known as Mt. Ichifusa Campsite.

It is a campsite in Mizukami Village, Kumamoto Prefecture, where you can make it a base for various outdoor activities while experiencing the magnificent nature.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility and natural beauty of Mizukami Village for a truly authentic Japanese countryside experience.

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